Active Skin Care System

Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle

Multiple-layer liposome with rice FGFb(Rice sh-polypeptide-1) and rice EGF(Rice sh-oligopeptide-1) Ingredient from state-of-art biotechnology

Intense Revitalizing Serum

Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle / 50ml

This highly enriched serum revitalizes and hydrates
skin. It is good to use after special skincare treatments
or IPL treatments in aesthetic clinics and suitable
for all skin types.

Radiating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum

Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle / 15ml

The powerful formula of algae extracts, hyaluronate and sillk proteins in this serum give the delicate eye area smooth tension and revitalizing making skin look younger and healthier.

Nourishing Age-Defying
Hydration Cream

Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle / 50ml

This Cream hydrates, revitalize and restores skin from deep inside. Rich but no-greasy, you will feel soft, glow and lifted skin texture when this cream is used everyday.

Hydro Repair Moisture Cream

Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle / 50ml

Our lightweight, silky-soft, easily absorbed
facial moisturizer protects moisture, to leave
skin feeling fresh and looking more radiant.
It is suitable for all skin types with
Rice-EGF, FGFb and non-greasy,
fast-absorbing formula

Dual Effect Sunblock


Perfective double protection UVA/UVB

RICE-EGF and Astaxanthin Ingredients boost vitality to skin that has become worn down due to overexposure to UV rays while allowing for the skin to truly shine.

Queenfei Dual Effect
Refresh Mask


Biocellulose Coated Mask sheet.
EGF produced from rice by new-biotech technology and Licorice extracts with Vitamins makes the tired skin clear and bright. Bio Cellulose is a skin-care mask sheet has effects of moisturizing, cooling, good adhesion to skin, long lasting. It suppress itchiness with cooling effect gives skin stabilization.

Queenfei Dual Effect
Calming Facial Mask


Dried Biocellulose Mask sheet made by fermented liquid(coconut, Black paspberry, tangerines etc) EGF and FGFb produced by using cutting-edge biotechnology boosts vitality to tired skin and dryed bio-cellolose cares the skin become clear and clean by absorbing fine dust and skin-wastes of pore.