Cosmetic Ingredients


Growth factors are a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation, cellular differentiation and regulating a variety of cellular processes.

NBM Inc. has produced a range of high-grade, animal-free and endotoxin-free growth factors produced from rice cell culture, which have recently been recognized as the next generation’s new materials for cosmetics. The high quality Growth factors & Cytokines of NBM Inc. satisfy cosmetic manufacturers and end customer with high safety and efficacy.

NBM Inc. is instead committed to produce high quality recombinant proteins for cosmetic ingredients which will provide benefits directly to the consumer by using plants as bio-reactors.

NBM Inc. can produce from milligrams to kilograms of the high quality recombinant protein to satisfy our client’s needs.

High purity grade :
Recombinant proteins that we produce are active, unlike many others obtained bacteria, therefore the applicability of our products is greater. Purity : > 98% by SDS-PAGE gel
Animal-free :
No risk of exposure to retroviruses and other agents that may be present in animal derived material. No mammalian protein contamination makes our products ideal for satisfy cosmetic manufacturers.
Endotoxin-free :
Extremely low endotoxin levels of recombinant proteins as compared to proteins produced in bacterial systems. Endotoxin Level : < 0.05 EU/µg protein (LAL method).