NBM Inc. has developed a new innovative and unique approach in the manufacturing of useful recombinant proteins, such as growth factors, cytokines and antibodies, produced from rice cell suspension culture.

NBM Inc. is able to offer high-grade, animal-free and endotoxin-free growth factors produced from rice cell culture. Animal-free proteins are particularly important for researchers concerned with experimental variables caused by trace animal components or mammalian pathogens. Our products generated under bacterial-free and animal-free conditions share the same biological activities as those produced using other gene expression techniques.

NBM Inc. can produce from milligrams to kilograms of the high quality recombinant protein to satisfy our client’s needs.

Serum-free, animal component-free and endo-toxin free Growth factors & Cytokines produced from rice cell culture called INNOkine growth factors
Serum-free, animal component-free and endo-toxin free enzymes produced from rice cell culture called INNOzyme enzymes
Cell-culture grade :
INNOkine and INNOzyme proteins that we produce are active, unlike many others obtained bacteria, therefore the applicability of our products is greater. Purity : > 98% by SDS-PAGE gel
Animal-free :
No risk of exposure to retroviruses and other agents that may be present in animal derived material. No mammalian protein contamination makes our INNOkine and INNOzyme products ideal for cell culture work.
Endotoxin-free :
Extremely low endotoxin levels of INNOkine and INNOzyme proteins as compared to recombinant proteins produced in bacterial systems. Endotoxin Level : < 0.05 EU/ug protein (LAL method).